2024 Tesla Model X Profile

2024 Tesla Model X.

The 2024 Tesla Model X is the flagship all-electric SUV from Tesla, combining seating for up to 7 adults, impressive performance, long driving range, and cutting-edge tech features. As Tesla’s largest vehicle offering, the Model X provides a viable electric alternative to gas-powered luxury SUVs.

What’s New for 2024

While no major redesigns are expected for 2024, Tesla continues to make over-the-air software updates to improve performance, user experience, and advanced driver assistance capabilities. Consequently, some minor styling refreshes inside and out are possible as well.

Exterior Design

On the outside, the Model X maintains its distinct falcon-wing rear doors and sleek, aerodynamic silhouette for 2024. Additionally, the base trim comes with 20″ wheels while the high-performance Plaid gets unique 20″ Cyberstream wheels. Furthermore, a variety of exterior color options are available, including the signature Stealth Grey.

Interior and Cargo Space

Inside the cabin, the Model X provides a large cabin with a versatile 6 or 7-seat layout. Moreover, the second row seats fold flat for ample cargo room. High-end material options include a premium black interior with carbon fiber décor on the Plaid trim level. The minimalist interior design is highlighted by the massive 17″ touchscreen display.

Battery and Range

In terms of range, the standard dual-motor Model X has an estimated EPA range of 335 miles on a full charge, while the tri-motor Plaid version gets 326 miles of range. Likewise, Tesla’s network of Superchargers enables convenient fast charging on road trips.

Performance and Driving

When it comes to performance, even the base Model X provides thrilling acceleration with its dual-motor all-wheel drive setup (0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds). However, the Plaid takes it to another level as the quickest production SUV ever, blitzing 0-60 mph in just 2.5 seconds. Simultaneously, the air suspension delivers a smooth yet planted ride.

Advanced Tech and Safety

In addition to blistering performance, the Model X comes standard with Tesla’s Autopilot semi-autonomous driving system that can automatically steer, accelerate and brake on highways. Alternatively, options like Full Self-Driving capability and Enhanced Autopilot with auto lane change and Autopark add even more advanced driver assistance features. Notably, Tesla’s commitments to over-the-air software updates mean new capabilities can be added over time.


As for pricing, the 2024 Model X starts at $79,990 for the dual-motor version before incentives. Furthermore, adding options like the premium tri-motor Plaid powertrain package ($94,990), Enhanced Autopilot ($6,000), and Full Self-Driving Capability ($12,000) can push the price over $110,000. Conversely, federal and state tax credits can offset some of the cost for eligible buyers.

Model XModel X Plaid
Range ( EPA est.)335 miles326 miles
Top Speed149 mph149 mph
Acceleration (0-60 mph)3.8. sec.2.5 sec.
Power670 hp1,020 hp
Towing5,000 lbs.5,000 lbs
*Prices do not include fees, taxes, rebates, federal tax credits, or local/government incentives

Notable Standard and Optional Features

The 2024 Tesla Model X comes very well-equipped from the factory, but also offers a variety of optional upgrades to further enhance the luxury experience and capabilities.

Standard features include:

  • All-wheel drive
  • Premium interior
  • 17″ touchscreen display
  • Autopilot semi-autonomous driving system
  • Premium audio system
  • Heated seats
  • Class II tow package

Major optional features and packages are:

  • Full Self-Driving Capability
  • Enhanced Autopilot driver assistance system
  • Carbon fiber interior décor
  • Premium interior upgrades
  • Wall-mounted home charging equipment
  • Accessories like all-weather floor liners and car covers

By selecting options like the Plaid package and Full Self-Driving Capability, buyers can outfit the Model X to be an ultra-high performance, cutting-edge technological marvel. However, even the base model comes loaded with luxurious and advanced standard features.

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