Kia Electric Vehicles: A Leader in Sustainable Mobility

Kia electric vehicle.

Kia Motors Corporation has made significant strides in developing and launching a range of electric vehicles (EVs) to meet the growing demand for sustainable mobility. With models like the Niro EV, EV6, and an aggressive “Plan S” strategy to introduce 11 new EV models by 2026, Kia is positioning itself as a major player in the rapidly expanding global electric vehicle market.

Kia Logo.
Logo: Courtesy of Kia.
CEO:Song Ho-Sung
Headquarters:Seoul, South Korea
Manufacturing:South Korea, USA, China, India, Japan, Mexico, Slovakia, and Vietnam
Niro EV
Federal Tax Credit Eligibility:No
Kia Facts

Kia Vision Statement

Providing a new space that makes life more convenient and enjoyable by realizing superlative mobility based on innovative people-oriented, eco-friendly technologies and comprehensive services.

Kia Vision

History of Kia

Kia Motors Corporation started in 1944 as Kyungsung Precision Industry, producing steel tubing and bicycle parts. It later moved into other industries, including passenger cars in 1974. However, financial difficulties in the 1990s led to bankruptcy in 1997. Hyundai bought a majority stake in Kia in 1998, facilitating a restructuring and revitalization of the brand. Additionally, this partnership helped Kia regain its footing and expand into new markets, introducing competitive models and eventually foraying into electric vehicles.

Kia’s Transition to Electric Vehicles

Kia Motors Corporation, a big car company from South Korea, has been making strong progress in the electric vehicle (EV) market in recent years.

Kia’s electric vehicle journey started in 2010 with the Ray EV, an all-electric version of the Kia Ray small city car. However, the launch of the Soul EV in 2014 was a major milestone for Kia’s EV efforts. The Soul EV was Kia’s first mass-produced electric car and got positive reviews for its practical design, roomy interior, and impressive range at that time.

In 2018, Kia revealed its first dedicated electric platform, the e-Niro. This compact SUV could travel up to 301 miles on one charge, making it one of the longest-range EVs back then. The e-Niro’s success showed Kia’s commitment to developing more electric models.

2021 saw the arrival of the Kia EV6, the brand’s first dedicated electric car built on its new Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). The EV6 showcases Kia’s cutting-edge design and engineering skills, offering great performance, long range, and advanced tech features.

Kia plans many more electric vehicles, announcing its ambitious “Plan S” strategy in 2020. This roadmap outlines Kia’s goal to introduce seven new dedicated EVs by 2027, including a range of passenger vehicles and special mobility service vehicles.

What Does Kia Mean?

Kia is derived from the Korean words “ki” and “a,” which together form the word “ki-a.” The word “ki” in Korean translates to “arising from” or “coming up,” while “a” means “Asia.” Therefore, the name “Kia” can be interpreted as “arising from Asia” or “coming up from Asia.”

The company’s Korean heritage deeply roots the meaning behind the name “Kia” and the name reflects the company’s ambitious vision to establish itself as a respected and influential automotive brand worldwide, rising from its Asian roots.

Current Kia Electric Vehicles

Kia offers a diverse lineup of electric vehicles (EVs) for varied consumer needs. Several models like the stylish EV6 crossover, versatile Niro EV, and the flagship EV9 SUV have vehicle-to-load (V2L) technology. V2L allows the battery to power devices, providing mobile electricity for outdoors, emergencies, or limited power access. Kia’s EVs focus on design, performance, and advanced tech. They offer compelling green choices with practicality, capability, and premium features. The exhilarating EV6 has head-turning style and cutting-edge offerings like ultra-fast charging. The efficient Niro EV delivers a well-rounded EV experience. Kia dedicates itself to sustainability and innovation through its electric lineup.

Kia EV6.
Photograph: Courtesy of Kia


The Kia EV6 is an all-electric crossover that offers an impressive combination of style, performance, and advanced technology. Its striking design and spacious, high-quality interior make it an attractive option for eco-conscious drivers seeking a practical and capable electric vehicle. With an impressive range of up to 310 miles on a single charge and ultra-fast charging capabilities, the EV6 is ideal for long-distance travel without range anxiety.

Powered by a high-performance electric powertrain, the EV6 delivers quick acceleration and smooth, responsive handling. It offers multiple battery and motor options, including a dual-motor all-wheel-drive variant for enhanced performance and traction. The EV6 comes well equipped with an array of cutting-edge technology features, including a high-resolution digital instrument cluster, a large touchscreen infotainment system with over-the-air updates, and advanced driver-assistance technologies that enhance safety and convenience.

The Kia EV6 is currently available in various markets worldwide, with pricing varying based on location and trim levels. In the United States, the EV6 starts at around $42,600 for the Light RWD model, making it a competitive option in the electric crossover segment. Higher trim levels with additional features and performance upgrades are also available, including the top-of-the-line GT AWD variant. Overall, the Kia EV6 is an impressive electric crossover that sets new standards in its class, offering a compelling choice for drivers seeking a practical and capable electric vehicle.

All-Wheel Drive 2024 Kia EV6 Pricing

LightLight Long RangeWindGT-Line
Range (Miles)232310310310
Power167 hp225 hp225 hp225 hp
*Prices do not include fees, taxes, rebates, federal tax credits, or local/government incentives

All-Wheel Drive 2024 Kia EV6 Pricing

Light Long Range AWDWind AWDGT-Line AWDGT
Range (Miles)282282252218
Power320 hp320 hp320 hp576 hp
*Prices do not include fees, taxes, rebates, federal tax credits, or local/government incentives
Kia EV9 Electric Vehicle.
Photograph: Courtesy of Kia


Kia has released its flagship all-electric SUV, the EV9, which boasts exceptional capabilities and advanced features. The SUV has a striking exterior design with a muscular and imposing stance. Moreover, it is combined with sleek and aerodynamic lines, and a sculpted body. The EV9 is powered by a high-performance electric powertrain that delivers impressive acceleration and smooth, responsive handling. In addition, the SUV is expected to offer multiple battery and motor options. There could be a potential all-wheel-drive variant for enhanced traction and capability.

The EV9 supports ultra-fast charging capabilities. Therefore, it allows for rapid charging during long journeys. Kia’s advanced 800V multi-charging system could potentially enable charging from 10% to 80% in under 20 minutes when connected to a compatible ultra-fast charger. This way, it saves time and maximizes convenience. The technology in the EV9 showcases cutting-edge features and advanced driver-assistance systems. For instance, a digital instrument cluster, a large touchscreen infotainment system with over-the-air updates, and connected car services for seamless digital lifestyle integration.

Moreover, the EV9 also comes with Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) technology, allowing the vehicle’s battery to power external devices. The Kia EV9 is set to be released in 2024. It has an entry-level Light RWD variant starting at $54,900. Meanwhile, the top-of-the-line EV9 GT-Line AWD trim costs $73,900. The EV9 is positioned as a premium offering in Kia’s electric vehicle lineup. Its bold design, roomy interior, advanced technology, and exceptional performance make it a game-changer in the electric SUV segment.

Rear-Wheel Drive Kia EV9 Pricing

Light RWDLight Long Range RWD
Range (Miles)230304
Power215 hp201 hp
Seating Capacity76
*Prices do not include fees, taxes, rebates, federal tax credits, or local/government incentives

All-Wheel Drive Kia EV9 Pricing

Range (Miles)280280270
Power379 hp379 hp379 hp
Seating Capacity766
*Prices do not include fees, taxes, rebates, federal tax credits, or local/government incentives
Kia Niro EV electric vehicle.
Photograph: Courtesy of Kia

Niro EV

The Kia Niro EV is an electric crossover. It offers a practical, sustainable solution. It targets eco-conscious drivers. The Niro EV features a sleek, modern design. It balances style and functionality. The interior is spacious and well-appointed. Comfort and practicality are prioritized.

Its electric powertrain delivers smooth acceleration. Acceleration is also responsive. The EPA estimates 239 miles of range per charge. This reduces range anxiety. The Niro EV boasts advanced tech features. It has a user-friendly infotainment system. Driver-assistance technologies are included. Various charging options are available.

Options include Level 1, Level 2, and DC fast charging. Pricing starts around $39,600 before incentives. The Niro EV offers an attractive, versatile option. It suits those seeking sustainable transportation.

Wind RWDWave
Range (Miles) 253253
Power201 hp201 hp

Future Kia Electric Vehicles

Kia EV3 concept electric vehicle.
Photograph: Courtesy of Kia


Kia plans to launch the EV3. This all-electric hatchback targets urban dwellers. It aims to attract eco-friendly buyers. The car features a sleek design. It has an efficient powertrain. Advanced technology equips the EV3. This makes it ideal for city living.

The EV3 will sport a hatchback body style. Its design will look sporty and practical. A youthful design language will distinguish it. Kia’s signature grille will adorn the front. Kia has not revealed exact specifications yet. But the EV3 will likely have 200 miles of range. This makes it great for commuting and city driving.

Pricing should be affordable and accessible. The EV3 will compete in the compact EV segment. Kia may unveil it as early as 2025 or 2026.

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