January 2024 EV News Recap: Model 3 Refresh and a Record 2023

2024 Tesla Model 3.

If you’re interested in the latest electric vehicle news, take a closer look at January 2024 EV news. Last month, we saw a lot of updates and discussions around electric vehicles, including their range, charging infrastructure and new models hitting the market. Whether you’re a current EV owner or considering purchasing one in the future, staying informed on the latest developments can help you make more informed decisions.

Tesla Model 3 Gets a Refresh: Increased Range, Quieter Ride, and Improved Amenities

The Tesla website now offers the newly updated Tesla Model 3 in two versions: long-range (AWD) and a less expensive rear-wheel-drive variant. The latest changes include:

  • Increased Range: Both versions of the 2024 Model 3 boast a top speed of 125mph. However, the 2023 rear-wheel model had a top speed of 140mph, while the Long Range went up to 145mph, and the Performance model could manage up to 162mph.
  • Quieter Ride: The new model features new acoustic glass, providing an overall quieter cabin.
  • Improved Amenities: The new Model 3 has various upgrades, including ventilated seats, customizable ambient lighting, a center touchscreen with smaller bezels and better contrast, a rear passenger mini-display, and an upgraded sound system with up to 17 speakers.

Severe Cold Weather Affects Range of Electric Vehicles in Eastern US

From January 15th to 16th, the eastern half of the United States experienced a severe cold weather spell. During this time, it was reported that electric vehicles (EVs) experienced a loss in range due to the cold weather.

The media reported instances of EV chargers failing, long queues of electric vehicles waiting to charge, and some EVs running out of charge with only 50 miles of electricity left. According to Faustine Ngila, a writer for The Quartz, the cold weather affected the battery’s internal chemistry, resulting in a rapid decrease in battery power. Electric batteries generate electricity through chemical reactions, which slow down as the temperature drops, making it harder for the battery to store and deliver its full power.

The recent cold weather event emphasized the importance of preserving the battery range of electric vehicles. Most modern EVs are now equipped with heat pumps that help preserve battery range in cold weather conditions. For example, I spoke with a Tesla Model S owner in Toronto, Canada, who mentioned that his 2023 Model S comes equipped with a heat pump. He has observed that his vehicle’s battery range has dropped by only around ten percent in -10°C weather, which is better than his initial expectations.

Electric Vehicle Sales Reach Record Highs Despite Negative Press

There have been numerous press articles lately suggesting that sales of electric vehicles have slowed down. A recent Bloomberg article reinforces this message, stating that “EVs had the auto world abuzz a year ago, and it seemed like an all-electric future was just around the corner. But today’s car buyers have second thoughts about them, short-circuiting sales growth and causing plug-in models to pile up on dealer lots. Automakers, who are pouring more than $100 billion into developing EVs this decade, are now slashing prices, production, and profit forecasts for the new green vehicles.”

Although there has been some resistance to electric vehicle adoption, the recent negative news regarding slowing sales has been misleading. In late January, the U.S. Department of Energy released its findings, showing that EVs had their best year of sales in 2023, selling over one million new electric vehicles for the first time. The increasing popularity of less expensive electric vehicles and on-the-road charging infrastructure will continue to drive the growth of EVs.

The Future of EVs Looks Promising

Looking back at the noteworthy January 2024 EV news, we can see that the electric vehicle industry is still growing and evolving. Despite challenges like colder weather and concerns about slowing sales, the industry remains resilient and continues progressing. The manufacturers are updating and improving popular models like the Tesla Model 3, and they are achieving record-breaking sales numbers. This shows that electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular and are here to stay. As we move into the new year, we expect even more advancements and innovations in this dynamic and important industry.

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