Electric Vehicles Offer a Better Driving Experience

Electric vehicle driving experience

Did you know that electric vehicles offer a superior driving experience? In fact, a recent AAA study revealed that 96% of EV owners would consider purchasing or leasing another electric vehicle when in the market for a new car. The study also found that the primary reason for this high customer satisfaction is the better driving experience that electric vehicles offer. Once you try an EV, it’s hard to go back to an internal combustion vehicle. Want to know more about the benefits of electric vehicles? Keep reading!

Instant Acceleration

Electric motors can accelerate much faster than internal combustion vehicles because they produce maximum torque at 0 rpm. This instant acceleration is one of the fun aspects of driving an electric vehicle.

Quiet Ride

Electric vehicles (EVs) are considerably quieter as they do not have combustion engines. This reduction in noise pollution can be beneficial, particularly in areas affected by high levels of noise pollution.

Reduced Emissions

Electric vehicles produce no emissions, but the production of the electricity they consume does. The amount of emissions created depends on the source of the electricity, whether it’s from hydro, petroleum, natural gas, nuclear, coal, or renewables. However, the good news is that the amount of carbon emissions created by electricity is still lower than that of gasoline, which can have a positive impact on air quality. This is a significant advantage for both the environment and your health. To learn about about how EV reduce emissions read Electric Car Emissions Versus Gas Vehciles.

Electric Vehicles Require Less Maintenance

Compared to gas-powered cars, EVs have fewer moving parts, resulting in less maintenance. You no longer need to worry about frequent oil changes, regular tune-ups, and transmission servicing. Electric vehicles require less maintenance, and when they do, the average cost is lower, saving you money. If you want to learn more, read, Why Electric Vehicles Cost Less to Maintain.

EV Incentives and Rebates

Electric vehicles can be purchased at a lower cost with the help of federal, state, and private incentives. These incentives are applicable for both new and used electric vehicles as well as EV chargers. Moreover, certain states offer carpool access incentives as well. To learn more about the incentives available in your state, please refer to our incentives page. Additionally, we have an explainer article that provides detailed information about the Federal EV Tax Credit and how you qualify.

Electric Vehicles have Less Down Time

Owners of gasoline vehicles often have to go to the gas station frequently to refill their tanks. However, electric vehicles work differently in most cases. Unless you are going on a long road trip that exceeds your EV’s driving range, you can usually charge your vehicle at your destination. If you have a home charger, you can charge your battery overnight and wake up to a fully charged vehicle. Additionally, you can charge your EV at a variety of destinations such as movie theaters or shopping malls while you shop, dine, or enjoy entertainment.

Destination charging is becoming more common and will only continue to gain popularity. If you find yourself waiting to charge, don’t worry! With Commercial DC Fast charging, the charging time can be as short as 18 minutes, depending on the charging speed and your EV model. Plus, in most cases, you’ll have less downtime than with a gas vehicle.

In conclusion, electric vehicles offer many benefits compared to traditional gas-powered cars. From instant acceleration and smooth and quiet operation to low maintenance and reduced emissions, electric vehicles provide a better driving experience while being environmentally friendly. As the technology behind EVs continues to improve, we can expect even more advantages in the future. If you are considering purchasing a vehicle, it may be worth exploring your options with electric vehicles.

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