Electric Vehicle Charging Stations by State

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For people who own electric vehicles, “range anxiety” may arise when traveling long distances. They may wonder if there are enough charging stations available to them. One can research the number of charging stations present to determine the availability of charging stations in a particular state. However, it’s not just about the number of charging stations. The quality of these stations also plays a crucial role. Level 3 or DC fast EV chargers along freeways are a more valuable resource than slow DC chargers. It’s worth noting that some states have better electric vehicle charging availability than others. The availability of charging corridorsacross the state is essential when planning long-distance travel. By researching which states have the best EV infrastructure, individuals can make informed decisions about their electric vehicle travel and avoid unnecessary stress.

It’s not just about which state has the most EV charging stations. Several factors could determine which states have the best EV infrastructure. For example, level 3 or DC fast EV chargers along freeways are infinitely more valuable than slow DC chargers.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Definitions

Total state EV charging stations by state: The number of electric vehicle charging locations within a specific US state.
Total EV chargers: The number of level 2 and DC fast chargers within a specific US state.
Level 2 EV chargers: How many 240-volt electric vehicle chargers are within the state? Level 2 EV charging can recharge vehicle batteries at around 20-35 miles per hour.
DC fast EV chargers: The number of commercially available fast electric vehicle chargers available within a specific US state. DC fast EV chargers are the preferred method of recharging electric vehicle batteries. A DC fast EV charger can fully recharge an electric vehicle battery in around an hour or less.
EV charging stations per number of square miles: On average, how many miles per square mile within a US state? The more distance between an electric vehicle and an EV charging station, the harder it will be to get around within a specific state. An electric vehicle’s battery range will determine how many miles it can travel before recharging.
EV chargers per population: How many people within a specific US state are there for every EV charger? The more people per EV charger, the greater the chances of waiting times to access a charger may exist. 

Ranking States for EV Charging Infrastructure: Our Methodology

The methodology used to determine which states have the best and worst EV charging availability is to use two criteria:

  1. EV charging stations per number of square miles within a state
  2. How many people per EV charger are there per state.

A strong preference was assigned to EV charging stations per square mile as it is key to allow for free travel across a state. The number of people within a specific state per charger was the lesser rating, as wait times could cause some delays but don’t necessarily prevent you from getting around—more of an inconvenience.

We used the data for EV Charging Stations by State from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternate Fuels Data Center

EV Charging Stations Rankings by State

50. Alaska

Total Alaska EV charging stations: 56
Total EV chargers: 100
Level 2 EV chargers: 79
DC fast chargers: 21
EV charging station per 11,844 square miles
EV charger per 7,361 population

Alaska is the state with the lowest amount of EV charging stations at 56.

49. Mississippi

Total Mississippi EV charging stations: 93
Total EV chargers: 223
Level 2 EV chargers: 209
DC fast chargers: 14
EV charging station per 521 square miles
EV charger per 132,888 population

48. Montana

Total Montana EV charging stations: 90
Total EV chargers: 242
Level 2 EV chargers: 134
DC fast chargers: 108
EV charging station per 1,634 square miles
EV charger per 4,485 population

47. Wyoming

Total Wyoming EV charging stations: 70
Total EV chargers: 193
Level 2 EV chargers: 102
DC fast chargers: 91
EV charging station per 1,339 square miles
EV charger per 2,989 population

46. South Dakota

Total South Dakota EV charging stations: 62
Total EV chargers: 169
Level 2 EV chargers: 92
DC fast chargers: 77
EV charging station per 1,246 square miles
EV charger per 5,298 population

45. North Dakota

Total North Dakota EV charging stations: 77
Total EV chargers: 168
Level 2 EV chargers: 106
DC fast chargers: 62
EV charging station per 918 square miles
EV charger per 4,613 population

44. Idaho

Total Idaho EV charging stations: 112
Total EV chargers: 285
Level 2 EV chargers: 203
DC fast chargers: 82
EV charging station per 746 square miles
EV charger per 6,453 population

43. New Mexico

Total New Mexico EV charging stations: 185
Total EV chargers: 455
Level 2 EV chargers: 301
DC fast chargers: 154
EV charging station per 657 square miles
EV charger per 4,786 population

42. Louisiana

Total Louisiana EV charging stations: 162
Total EV chargers: 394
Level 2 EV chargers: 280
DC fast chargers: 114
EV charging station per 321 square miles
EV charger per 11,822 population

41. Nebraska

Total Nebraska EV charging stations: 204
Total EV chargers: 423
Level 2 EV chargers: 317
DC fast chargers: 106
EV charging station per 379 square miles
EV charger per 4,637 population

40. Arkansas

Total Arkansas EV charging stations: 188
Total EV chargers: 541
Level 2 EV chargers: 462
DC fast chargers: 79
EV charging station per 283 square miles
EV charger per 5,571 population

39. Alabama

Total Alabama EV charging stations: 240
Total EV chargers: 641
Level 2 EV chargers: 437
DC fast chargers: 204
EV charging station per 218 square miles
EV charger per 7,861 population

38. Kentucky

Total Kentucky EV charging stations: 227
Total EV chargers: 548
Level 2 EV chargers: 441
DC fast chargers: 107
EV charging station per 178 square miles
EV charger per 8,229 population

37. West Virginia

Total West Virginia EV charging stations: 109
Total EV chargers: 333
Level 2 EV chargers: 239
DC fast chargers: 94
EV charging station per 222 square miles
EV charger per 5,387 population

36. Oklahoma

Total Oklahoma EV charging stations: 306
Total EV chargers: 1,000
Level 2 EV chargers: 382
DC fast chargers: 618
EV charging station per 228 square miles
EV charger per 3,987 population

35. Iowa

Total Iowa EV charging stations: 283
Total EV chargers: 635
Level 2 EV chargers: 400
DC fast chargers: 235
EV charging station per 197 square miles
EV charger per 5,024 population

34. Nevada

Total Nevada EV charging stations: 439
Total EV chargers: 1,445
Level 2 EV chargers: 1,084
DC fast chargers: 361
EV charging station per 252 square miles
EV charger per 2,149 population

33. Wisconsin

Total Wisconsin EV charging stations: 430
Total EV chargers: 1,007
Level 2 EV chargers: 759
DC fast chargers: 248
EV charging station per 152 square miles
EV charger per 5,853 population

32. Indiana

Total Indiana EV charging stations: 349
Total EV chargers: 977
Level 2 EV chargers: 653
DC fast chargers: 324
EV charging station per 104 square miles
EV charger per 6,945 population

31. Kansas

Total Kansas EV charging stations: 452
Total EV chargers: 960
Level 2 EV chargers: 821
DC fast chargers: 139
EV charging station per 182 square miles
EV charger per 3,063 population

30. Minnesota

Total Minnesota EV charging stations: 555
Total EV chargers: 1,377
Level 2 EV chargers: 1,096
DC fast chargers: 281
EV charging station per 157 square miles
EV charger per 4,145 population

29. Texas

Total Texas EV charging stations: 2,263
Total EV chargers: 5,687
Level 2 EV chargers: 4,437
DC fast chargers: 1,250
EV charging station per 119 square miles
EV charger per 5,125 population

28. South Carolina

Total South Carolina EV charging stations: 354
Total EV chargers: 872
Level 2 EV chargers: 616
DC fast chargers: 256
EV charging station per 90 square miles
EV charger per 5,953 population

27. Arizona

Total Arizona EV charging stations: 898
Total EV chargers: 2,408
Level 2 EV chargers: 1,869
DC fast chargers: 539
EV charging station per 127 square miles
EV charger per 2,970 population

26. Tennessee

Total Tennessee EV charging stations: 586
Total EV chargers: 1,391
Level 2 EV chargers: 1,126
DC fast chargers: 265
EV charging station per 72 square miles
EV charger per 4,973 population

25. Illinois

Total Illinois EV charging stations: 1,004
Total EV chargers: 2,566
Level 2 EV chargers: 1,917
DC fast chargers: 649
EV charging station per 58 square miles
EV charger per 4,993 population

24. Oregon

Total Oregon EV charging stations: 861
Total EV chargers: 2,069
Level 2 EV chargers: 1,593
DC fast chargers: 476
EV charging station per 114 square miles
EV charger per 2,052 population

23. Utah

Total Utah EV charging stations: 744
Total EV chargers: 1,769
Level 2 EV chargers: 1,524
DC fast chargers: 245
EV charging station per 114 square miles
EV charger per 1,849 population

22. North Carolina

Total North Carolina EV charging stations: 1,017
Total EV chargers: 2,558
Level 2 EV chargers: 1,900
DC fast chargers: 658
EV charging station per 53 square miles
EV charger per 4,125 population

21. Ohio

Total Ohio EV charging stations: 1,141
Total EV chargers: 2,552
Level 2 EV chargers: 2,114
DC fast chargers: 438
EV charging station per 39 square miles
EV charger per 4,616 population

20. Pennsylvania

Total Pennsylvania EV charging stations: 1,203
Total EV chargers: 2,934
Level 2 EV chargers: 2,311
DC fast chargers: 623
EV charging station per 38 square miles
EV charger per 4,435 population

19. Missouri

Total Missouri EV charging stations: 974
Total EV chargers: 2,127
Level 2 EV chargers: 1,842
DC fast chargers: 285
EV charging station per 72 square miles
EV charger per 2,896 population

18. New Hamshire

Total New Hampshire EV charging stations: 169
Total EV chargers: 404
Level 2 EV chargers: 274
DC fast chargers: 130
EV charging station per 55 square miles
EV charger per 3,410 population

17. Maine

Total Maine EV charging stations: 384
Total EV chargers: 823
Level 2 EV chargers: 663
DC fast chargers: 160
EV charging station per 92 square miles
EV charger per 1,655 population

16. Michigan

Total Michigan EV charging stations: 1,044
Total EV chargers: 2,390
Level 2 EV chargers: 1,886
DC fast chargers: 504
EV charging station per 96 square miles
EV charger per 451 population

15. Georgia

Total Georgia EV charging stations: 1,466
Total EV chargers: 3,706
Level 2 EV chargers: 2,957
DC fast chargers: 749
EV charging station per 41 square miles
EV charger per 2,890 population

14. Virginia

Total Virginia EV charging stations: 1,058
Total EV chargers: 3,014
Level 2 EV chargers: 2,149
DC fast chargers: 865
EV charging station per 40 square miles
EV charger per 2,871 population

13. New Jersey

Total New Jersey EV charging stations: 792
Total EV chargers: 2,242
Level 2 EV chargers: 1,556
DC fast chargers: 686
EV charging station per 11 square miles
EV charger per 4,143 population

12. Colorado

Total Colorado EV charging stations: 1,616
Total EV chargers: 3,774
Level 2 EV chargers: 3,073
DC fast chargers: 701
EV charging station per 64 square miles
EV charger per 1,530 population

11. Florida

Total Florida EV charging stations: 2590
Total EV chargers: 6,652
Level 2 EV chargers: 5,134
DC fast chargers: 1,518
EV charging station per 25 square miles
EV charger per 3,238 population

10. Washington

Total Washington EV charging stations: 1,560
Total EV chargers: 3,865
Level 2 EV chargers: 3,084
DC fast chargers: 781
EV charging station per 46 square miles
EV charger per 2,041 population

9. Delaware

Total Delaware EV charging stations: 142
Total EV chargers: 336
Level 2 EV chargers: 239
DC fast chargers: 97
EV charging station per 14 square miles
EV charger per 2,986 population

8. Connecticut

Total Connecticut EV charging stations: 501
Total EV chargers: 1,377
Level 2 EV chargers: 1,036
DC fast chargers: 341
EV charging station per 11 square miles
EV charger per 2,764 population

7. Hawaii

Total Hawaii EV charging stations: 359
Total EV chargers: 793
Level 2 EV chargers: 707
DC fast chargers: 86
EV charging station per 30 square miles
EV charger per 1,835 population

6. New York

Total New York EV charging stations: 3,087
Total EV chargers: 8,531
Level 2 EV chargers: 7,451
DC fast chargers: 1,080
EV charging station per 18 square miles
EV charger per 2,370 population

5. Maryland

Total Maryland EV charging stations: 1,183
Total EV chargers: 3,375
Level 2 EV chargers: 2,701
DC fast chargers: 674
EV charging station per 10 square miles
EV charger per 1,830 population

4. Vermont

Total Vermont EV charging stations: 324
Total EV chargers: 810
Level 2 EV chargers: 714
DC fast chargers: 96
EV charging station per 30 square miles
EV charger per 794 population

3. Rhode Island

Total Rhode Island EV charging stations: 272
Total EV chargers: 628
Level 2 EV chargers: 564
DC fast chargers: 64
EV charging station per 4 square miles
EV charger per 1,749 population

2. California

Total California EV charging stations: 13,664
Total EV chargers: 36,728
Level 2 EV chargers: 28,854
DC fast chargers: 7,784
EV charging station per 12 square miles
EV charger per 1,040 population

California is the state with the most EV charging stations at 13,644. However, California also has the highest population of EV owners, so you’re more likely to have to wait to charge than in any other state despite having the most Tesla chargers with 305.

1. Massachusetts

Total Massachusetts EV charging stations: 2,234
Total EV chargers: 5,235
Level 2 EV chargers: 4,693
DC fast chargers: 542
EV charging station per 5 square miles
EV charger per 1,334 population

If you’d like to learn more about EVs and which one may be best suited for you, check out our EV search tool to find recommendations for EVs that fit your needs. We provide tailored search results with all the data you need to determine how much it will cost to own an EV in your state.

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