How an Electric Vehicle Saves You Time with Less Maintenance

Electric car maintenance saves time

In a previous article, I discussed how electric cars can save you up to 13 hours per year by charging at home. In this article, I’ll delve into how owning an electric vehicle can save you time on maintenance. I can personally attest that in the three years that my family has owned two electric cars, we have not had to perform any required maintenance. This is due to the fact that electric cars have fewer moving parts, eliminating the need for oil changes and allowing for longer cycles between brake replacements. Dealers have also reported a significant decrease of 35% to 50% in service and maintenance for electric cars.

Gas-Powered Cars Require Frequent Maintenance

When I had a gas-powered car, I had to service it three times a year which included oil changes, regular maintenance, and tire care. Since most people work during the week, vehicle maintenance usually happens on weekends, which takes away valuable time with family and friends. The process involves driving to the service center, dropping off the vehicle, and completing paperwork that can take around 20 minutes. The service itself can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours, with an average wait time of an hour. Then, checking out, paying, and driving back home adds another 20 minutes. All in all, getting a vehicle serviced takes about one hour and forty minutes.

Considering this example, three yearly maintenance services take up around five hours, not to mention the cost of the services. So, having an electric car might be a better option. 

Over the past four years of owning our two electric cars, we have only required service times. One instance involved having a mobile technician replace a blown-out tire on-site. The technician also made home visits to fix poorly aligned hoods and doors, and some seating issues. Additionally, we needed to replace our 12-volt battery after three years, and a mobile technician was dispatched to our home to fix the problem. This method of servicing proved to be much more convenient for us.

Over-the-Air Updates Save Time

Electric cars have a convenient time-saving feature called over-the-air updates, similar to those found on smartphones. These updates can fix various software issues and enhance features like vehicle range and acceleration. Car manufacturers can remotely apply these fixes to improve the driving experience.

In addition to requiring less frequent maintenance and charging at home, owning an electric car can offer further time-saving and convenience benefits. To explore maintenance costs and find an electric car that suits your lifestyle, visit our Vehicle Finder on Electric Driver.

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