Electric Vehicle Infotainment

Looking for a more fun and entertaining experience as a driver or passenger? Then infotainment might be an important category for you.

Infotainment is the in-dash system used to inform and entertain the occupants of a vehicle. We look at thirteen features to find you the right electric car that meets your infotainment needs. In addition, we look at display size, mobile phone compatibly, the ability to stream audio, video content, navigation, audio controls, and over-the-air updates (OTA) to identify infotainment systems that will make your electric car more fun to drive.

Display Size

An essential part of the infotainment system is the display size you interact with. Therefore, we identify the interactive screen size of each vehicle to show you which electric vehicle models have the largest displays.

Apple CarPlay

With smartphones becoming an integral part of our lives, we see if infotainment systems for specific electric vehicles integrate with Apple CarPlay.

Android Autos

We identify which vehicle infotainment systems have Android Autos support for people who own a smartphone using the Google Andriod operating system.

Proprietary Phone Pairing

Infotainment systems that have their own method of pairing with any smartphones using their own software we identify using the proprietary phone pairing classification.


Infotainment systems that can stream movies and video entertainment we identify using our film classification.


Infotainment systems that can play video games we identify using the games classification.

Streaming Music

Electric vehicle information systems that can stream music we identify using the streaming music classification.

Web Enabled

Vehicle infotainment systems that are connected online we identify with the Web Enabled category.

Voice Controls

Vehicle infotainment systems that have the ability to understand and execute voice commands we identify using the voice controls classification.

Charging Planner

To take long trips or, in the event, you are running low on electricity, a charging planner will find the closest compatible electric charger and navigate you to the charging station. If you take a long trip that exceeds your vehicle range, a charging planner will route your course to figure out which charging stations to stop along your journey. We identify which vehicle infotainment systems have a charging planner.

Passenger Displays

Some electric vehicle infotainment systems have a separate display screen for passengers. The passenger screens provide passengers the ability to access vehicle information and entertainment available through the infotainment system.

Vehicles that include a navigation system that provides drivers directions to their destination is identified using the navigation classification.

Over the Air Updates (OTA)

Over-the-air updates allow vehicles to receive software updates over the air. Software updates can include improvements to the vehicle software, infotainment features, and in some cases, performance and vehicle range improvements. Check with the specific manufacturer to learn what is supported through over-the-air updates as each car maker has a different policy that evolves.

We use the thirteen infotainment features to identify the top contenders to determine which electric vehicle has the most feature-rich infotainment system based on your criteria and budget.