Five Reasons Why You Should Buy a Tesla EV

Tesla Mobile service vehicle

As an owner of two Teslas since 2018, I am a fan of electric vehicles. Here are five reasons why you should buy a Tesla electric vehicle.

  • Industry Leading Software
  • Painless Buying Experience
  • No Dealership Relationship
  • Convenient Vehicle Maintenance
  • Superior Supercharger Network

Tesla Software is Excellent

What sets Tesla apart is its approach to software. A Tesla is like owning an iPhone on wheels. Almost every aspect of the electric vehicle is controlled by software, and all the vehicle systems are seamlessly integrated. Since 2018, the Tesla touchscreen interfaces have changed several times, and just like an iPhone, my vehicle always has the latest software features and designs. Some exciting updates have included the addition of video games, the ability to stream Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services, and the turning of the vehicle’s external cameras into a security system. But, like your iPhone, a Tesla is always up-to-date and relatively future-resistant.

Buying a Tesla is a Painless Experience

Until Tesla came around, buying a new vehicle meant going through your local automotive dealership. Dealership experiences varied from getting the white-glove treatment to dealing with dishonest salespeople. I worked with a former salesperson who told me of a story where one of his colleagues threw the customer’s vehicle keys on the dealership’s roof as a negotiation tactic. However, Tesla made buying an electric vehicle as easy as ordering a book from Amazon. With a click of a button on the Tesla website, you can pay for your Tesla. In addition, Tesla’s website updates you when your car is being assembled in the factory, tested, delivered to the local showroom, and ready for pickup. As a result, other carmakers have noticed and are following Tesla’s lead by allowing customers to buy vehicles online.

Tesla Not Working Through Dealers Has Advantages

Since cars came about, carmakers have partnered with dealers to sell vehicles. However, Tesla took a different approach to selling their electric cars directly to customers. Of course, each system has its pros and cons, but I want to focus on why Tesla’s approach brings added convince to the customer. Automotive dealers make a large chunk of vehicle maintenance and repair profits. A typical automotive dealership can generate all the money needed to run its business from vehicle maintenance revenues alone. So for dealerships having customers come in for regular maintenance and oil changes is vital for their business. How Tesla approaches to care is different and a boon for customers.

Since Tesla owns their service centers, the company uses over-the-air updates to fix some of the issues you may have had to visit a dealership. For example, I have seen Tesla set cameras and increase the acceleration and battery range, all using over-the-air software updates. Over-the-air updates are a win-win for both Tesla and the customer. Other carmakers are starting to use over-the-air updates. Still, because of their relationship with automotive dealers, over-the-air updates are not used to their full capabilities.

More Convenient Vehicle Maintenance

If you have an issue that over-the-air updates cannot address, Tesla’s maintenance app can help. I have only had to visit a service center once in the past four years. The rest of the issues I have had with my electric vehicle have been addressed with mobile Tesla Technicians. In addition, Tesla has sent a technician to my home to fix various problems that do not require my electric car to go up on a lift. Having a technician come to your home or workplace and repair your vehicle is a huge convenience.

The use of mobile technicians is something other vehicle brands will follow. Still, for now, Tesla and the other EV carmakers are the only companies I see readily using mobile technicians.

Charging Infrastructure Advantages

Tesla charging Station
Tesla charging station | Electric Driver Image.

The last item I will touch upon is electric vehicle charging. In the four years of owning our Teslas and taking regular road trips across the country, we can get to our destination thanks to Tesla’s Supercharging network. Tesla has over 1,200 charging stations across the county, with each charging station having up to 30 chargers per location. The location many of these charging stations are near food, malls, and other amenities, allowing us to grab a bite to eat, take a restroom break or shop while our electric vehicle charges. Again, Teslas has a leg up over other carmakers due to their private supercharger network.

So, to summarize, five reasons to buy a Tesla are its industry-leading software, the painless purchasing experience, dealer-less relationship, convenient vehicle maintenance, and superior charging infrastructure.

Like any decision, there are good and bad with every choice. Despite all the benefits, buying a Tesla may not be the best choice for everyone. I hope this list sheds some light on Tesla’s benefits. Also, do not forget to visit Electric Driver for personalized electric vehicle recommendations based on your lifestyle.

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