Five Reasons Why You Should Buy a Tesla EV

Tesla Mobile service vehicle

You’re here, and you’re looking for that final push. Do it. Go buy a Tesla now. You know you want to.

Ok, ok, you’re still here. We get it, and you just need a few more reasons to purchase one of the most well-known and exciting EVs on the market. Well, here are five great reasons to buy a Tesla. Oh, and if you feel like being talked out of buying a Tesla, read our article: Five Reasons Not to Buy a Tesla.

1. Tesla Has Superb Software

It’s the software! Let’s face it; the Tesla is like an iPhone on wheels. Everything is computer controlled, integrated, and can be remotely updated. Tesla’s approach to software sets it apart:

  • The latest software features and designs are delivered automatically.
  • All the vehicle systems are seamlessly integrated.
  • New features are delivered regularly, like video games and streaming services, including Netflix and Hulu.
  • Almost every aspect of the electric vehicle is controlled by software
  • their touchscreen menu system continues to improve and evolve
  • the vehicle’s external cameras can function as a remote security system

The ease of use and new features can make your life easier and more fun. Attention to detail and ongoing development make this a really compelling feature of Tesla ownership.

2. The Tesla Purchase Process is Painless

Tesla made buying an electric vehicle as easy as ordering a book from Amazon. You can order and pay for your Tesla with a click of a button on the Tesla website. After the sale, Tesla give you status updates. You’ll get notifications at factory assembly, testing, delivery to the showroom, and when it’s ready for pickup. Other carmakers have noticed and are following Tesla’s lead by allowing customers to buy vehicles online, but Tesla is still one of the best.

3. Over-the-Air Updates Make Maintenance Magical

Tesla will make upgrades and fixes to your vehicle when possible using only over-the-air updates. Tesla doesn’t work with dealerships, and operates its service centers. Dealers make a profit by nickel-and-diming you for maintenance and service. Tesla’s service centers don’t. Over-the-air updates have increased acceleration and battery range for Tesla vehicles at no extra cost. Can you imagine getting those performance improvements from a dealership for free? No way. Tesla’s maintenance model might not be perfect, but it offers lower costs and much greater convenience than any dealership would.

Though other carmakers are starting to use over-the-air updates, they’re not used to their full capabilities. Unlike Tesla, most automakers are still tied to their dealers with no way out. If you can’t stand working with dealers, then Tesla is a great choice for you.

4. Mobile Technicians are an Amazing Amenity

When over-the-air updates cannot address a maintenance issue, Tesla’s maintenance app can help. In four years of owning a Tesla, I have only had to visit a service center once. Most of my service issues have been solved using the app and the mobile Tesla Technicians. Tesla has sent a technician directly to my home to fix a few things, keeping me out of the service center. What a huge convenience!

The use of mobile technicians is something other vehicle brands will follow. For now, though, Tesla and other EV companies are only really using mobile technicians.

5. Tesla has Superior Supercharging Stations

Tesla charging Station
Tesla charging station | Electric Driver Image.

Road trips across the country are easy, thanks to Tesla’s Supercharging network. Tesla has over 1,738 charging stations across the county, with 18,790 superchargers. You’ll find up to 48 chargers per location, making getting a quick charge easy. Also, many charging locations are near food, malls, and other amenities. So grab a bite to eat, take a restroom break, or shop while your electric vehicle charges. Travel cross-country with confidence.

The Final Word

Owning a Tesla isn’t for everyone, but if you’re already considering one, you probably won’t be disappointed. Avoiding dealers and cutting down on maintenance is almost life-changing. If you’re still trying to talk yourself out of getting one, though, check out Five Reasons Not to Buy A Tesla. Also, don’t forget to visit Electric Driver for personalized electric vehicle recommendations based on your lifestyle.

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