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Volvo All Electric EX30

The Volvo EX30, Electrifying Design

The Volvo EX30 electric vehicle, the pinnacle of innovation in the Volvo electric vehicle family, is a testament to the brand’s commitment to sleek, aerodynamic design with a modern twist. Its compact yet minimalist versatile interior perfectly blends elegance and functionality, setting a new standard for Volvo electric cars. The EX30’s user-friendly, luxurious, and minimalist interior design is complemented by its well-equipped and spacious surroundings, creating a comfortable and practical environment. The Volvo EX30 is available for pre-order now and will begin deliveries in the US in Summer 2024.

An Affordable and Smart Choice for EV Enthusiasts

The Volvo EX30 offers an affordable entry point into the electric vehicle (EV) market, making it an attractive option for eco-conscious drivers. Its spartan interior design and quality technology are available at a competitive cost, making it a smart choice for EV enthusiasts. The EX30’s design has garnered significant interest from a diverse audience, from urban commuters to modern, eco-friendly families.

Design Tailored to the Modern Driver

Profile of the Volvo Ex30 Electric Vehicle
Courtesy Volvo

For those who value environmental responsibility and advanced technology, the Volvo EX30 is more than just a car – it’s a statement. Not only does the EX30 excel in performance, but it also boasts an impressive range, rapid charging capabilities, and state-of-the-art safety features, making it suitable for daily commuters and even outperforming hypercars. By switching to an electric Volvo like the EX30, you invest in a sustainable future without sacrificing performance and luxury. Welcome to a world of new mobility with the Volvo EX30, which boasts the perfect blend of innovation and design. It’s an invitation to join the electric revolution.

Interior of the Volvo EX30
Courtesy Volvo

Interior and Cargo Space

The 2024 Volvo EX30 is a compact electric vehicle, designed to provide maximum passenger comfort while also focusing on efficiency. The interior space is optimized to accommodate up to five passengers. Here’s a quick overview of the passenger and cargo space dimensions:

Volvo EX30 Interior Profile
Courtesy Volvo

Passenger Space:

  • Headroom (Front/Rear): 41.7 inches / 38.3 inches [1]
  • Shoulder Room (Front/Rear): 55.1 inches / Not available yet [1]
  • Legroom (Front/Rear): 41.9 inches / 32.3 inches [1]

The EX30 boasts ample headroom and legroom for front passengers. However, taller adults may find the legroom a bit cramped during longer trips. The shoulder room in the rear is not yet officially disclosed.

Cargo Space:

  • Cargo Space Behind Seats: 11.2 cubic feet, including a 2.2 cubic feet under-floor storage compartment [1, 2]
  • Maximum Cargo Space (Seats Folded): 31.9 cubic feet [1, 2]

The cargo area located behind the back seats provides sufficient space for groceries or weekend bags for a small family. If you fold down the split-folding rear seats, the maximum cargo capacity expands to 31.9 cubic feet, which lets you carry larger items such as suitcases or bikes. However, it is important to note that because of the EX30’s compact size, the cargo capacity is not as generous as that of some larger SUVs.

Volvo EX 30 Battery and Range

The 2024 Volvo EX30 electric vehicle has two powertrains, both utilizing the same battery, the Single Motor produces better range than the higher performance Twin Motor EX30:

  • Single Motor: This rear-wheel drive option has a larger 64.0 kWh battery pack and an estimated driving range of up to 275 miles on a single charge (EPA-estimated).
  • Twin Motor: This all-wheel drive option uses the same 64.0 kWh battery. However, due to more efficient motors, it still offers a respectable estimated driving range of 265 miles per charge (EPA-estimated).

Performance and Driving

The latest electric vehicle from a well-known brand comes in two variants, each with its own unique features. Both variants have a battery size of 64.0 kWh usable capacity and can utilize DC fast charging up to 153 kW, enabling a quick charge from 10% to 80% in under 30 minutes (estimated). However, the Single Motor variant prioritizes efficiency with a longer range of up to 298 miles WLTP estimated, while the Twin Motor variant offers significantly more power (422 horsepower) but sacrifices some range with an estimated WLTP range of up to 262 miles. In this article, we will take a closer look at the different features of each variant to help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Single Motor (Rear-Wheel Drive):

  • Battery size: 64.0 kWh 
  • Power: 268 horsepower 
  • Range: Up to 275 m
  • Fast charging: Up to 153 kW DC fast charging
    • Charge time: 10% to 80% in under 30 minutes (estimated based on charging power)

Twin Motor (All-Wheel Drive):

  • Battery size: 64.0 kWh (usable capacity) [1, 2] (same as Single Motor)
  • Power: 422 horsepower (combined)
  • Range: Up to 265 m
  • Fast charging: Up to 153 kW DC fast charging
    • Charge time: 10% to 80% in under 30 minutes (estimated based on charging power)

Volvo EX30 Safety Technologies

The Volvo EX30 is an electric car that embodies Volvo’s commitment to passenger safety. Equipped with advanced safety features like autonomous driving capabilities, collision avoidance systems, comprehensive airbag coverage, and real-time traffic monitoring, the EX30 sets new standards in vehicle safety. The car’s Pilot Assist system provides semi-autonomous driving support that adapts to dynamic road situations, making the EX30 a leader in vehicle safety and reinforcing Volvo’s dedication to creating the safest cars on the road.

Notable Standard and Optional Features Available for the Volvo EX30:

Number of Doors: 4
Seating: 5
Wheelbase: 104.3 in.
Width: 72.3 in.
Length: 166.7 in
Height: 61 in
Curb Weight: 3,850-4,150 lb


  • Up to 422 horsepower
  • Up to 275 miles range
  • One pedal driving
  • Integrated Android Automotive supporting both Android Auto and Apple Carplay
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon Cockpit platform
  • Bluetooth, WiFi or built-in modem
  • Voice control system
  • Over the Air (OTA) software updates
  • Fast charging” up to 153 kW
  • Type 3 fast charger will charge the car from 10 to 80% in about 26.5 minutes
Audio System Options
Harmon Kardon Premium Sound
  • 9 speakers
  • 9 channels
  • 1040W output
High Performance
  • 5 speakers
  • 4 channels
  • 100W output
 EX30 Single Motor Extended RangeEX30 Twin Motor Performance
Battery Capacity69 kWh69 kWh
Performance268 hp422 hp
0-60 MPH5.1 seconds3.4 seconds
Torque268 lb. ft.400 lb. ft.
Top Speed111.8 mph111.8 mph
RangeUp to 298 milesUp to 286 miles
*Prices do not include fees, taxes, rebates, federal tax credits, or local/government incentives

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